Alphaline 90

The V90 is an exceptional window with six chambers and additional thermal insulation. The V90 included also included a three stage seal for improve sound protection, higher leak tightness and effective thermal insulation. Both the frame and the sash are reinforced with steel adding to the durability of the windows design. When paired with our low U value triple pane glass packs we can achieve U value os U= 0.112.

Structure 6 chamber design in frame and wing
3 1/2” installation depth 1/8 in. outer wall thickness
Material Vinyl with steel reinforcement
Using a standard glass pack with a warm edge Uw=0.158 Btu/h ft2 F.
Additional glazing options available to bring Uw=0.112 Btu/h ft2 F
Glazing Two-pane set. one-chamber Three pane set. two- chambers Standard spacer Warm edge available in colors to match Maximum glazed unit 2 7/8”
Fittings Standard WinkHaus activPilot
Includes a multi-point locking mechanism and anti­burglar fastening.
Increased security class Wk1 and Wk2 available
Tilt and turn, tilt only, inward open only
Warranty 7 years of frame. 5 years on glass

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